POPULAS: realise your potential by seeing what’s going on around the world


The immediate future in the world is scary. Whether determined by technology, dictators, famine or lack of education. Many are looking for purpose but don’t trust others or big organisations to find it for them

POPULAS is a new initiative which will be a free international network of ‘physical websites’ (real places to meet, not just an online community) linking learning and work by sharing inspiration, knowledge and resources across the world

Enabling you to see and realise your potential

Small mobile pop ups with big screens and real people, in places where people hang out like schools, cafes, shopping centres, universities and businesses

For people of all ages, backgrounds and starting points, coming together to share ideas and inspiration, be ‘citizens of the world’, with an international network of partners providing knowledge and resources

Inspiring individuals in one part of the world by showing them what people like them are doing in other parts of the world

Launching in 2017, see what it’s all about at http://www.populas.com